For DUNAdesign packaging plays an important role in the identity of a product, as it contains all the necessary information or significant about itself and is sometimes the only means of success in the market, covering, therefore, great importance in terms of commercial success. When manufacturers are different and the products are more or less the same, as in fact happens in today's exchange economy, DUNAdesign becomes added value, symbol recognition, distinction, for sure.
The products DUNAdesign, offer an image instantly ready not only to reflect the content but also to meet the research - often emotional – of buyers. The packs studied in detail are transformed into works of art and give the product a new look.
DUNAdesign with its products, handcrafted in limited edition, revalues the object of everyday use, giving the distinctive brand and that uniqueness is often overshadowed by the ephemeral dimension of reality.



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