In July DUNAdesign was invited to participate in the International Paper’s Festival. The Biennal was held in Lucca (Tuscany - Italy) one of the largest paper production centers in Europe. The event founded in 2004, promotes tradition, ethics, sustainability through the paper and art. Each year a theme is chosen that best reflects the evolution of society. For the 8th edition, which was held from July 31 to September 10, 2016, the theme chosen was "Borders and Perspectives": impressions on the current situation and the changes that every age and culture brings with it.
The design exhibition was held at “La Cavallerizza”, an historic building, recently restored, located within the walls of Lucca. The exhibition was attended by the best contemporary Paper’s Artists who make paper and cardboard their distinctive element, like DUNAdesign.
DUNAdesign intervenes to Talks “Paper Revolution” during the last days of the Biennal. It is proposed to make the point about the state of the art, sharing his views, telling the experience, the philosophy behind his team, new ideas evolving between research and creativity and future challenges in a constantly changing.
The goal was to create a meeting point with other participants in order to support a shared project that brings new ideas, markets, and shared strategies.


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